The Ducal Palace and the Military Academy of Modena

The luxurious Ducal Palace, commissioned by Duke Francesco I d’Este in 1634, was built based on the design of Bartolomeo Avanzini and the advice of famous architects of the time. In terms of size and grandeur, it is one of the most prestigious palaces in Europe and was the residence of the Este Court until the last Duke Francesco V d’Asburgo-Este (1859).


After the exile of the Este and the annexation of the former duchy to Piedmont, the Ducal Palace passed to the Royal House of Savoy. It was King Vittorio Emanuele II, on the occasion of his first visit to Modena on May 4, 1860, who donated it to the Infantry Military School, opened by General Manfredo Fanti. Today it is the headquarters of the Military Academy of Modena, which trains future officers of the Italian Army and the Carabinieri.


What can be visited today?

The Courtyard of Honor, the Parlor, the Grand Staircase, the Loggia, the Museum Hall of the Military Academy (the private apartment of the Dukes), the State Apartment (the representative apartment), the Unified Club Staircase, the Academy Courtyard of Turin

In the Museum Hall of the Military Academy: The Memory Gallery (Hall of the Royal Sleds), the Academy Hall (Hall of Noble Guards), the Commanders Hall (Hall of Private Audiences), the Hall of Distinguished Students (Coffee Room), the Courses Hall (Golden Room), the Temple of Glory (Oval Hall of the Columns).

In the State Apartment: The Bronze Gallery, the Colleoni Hall, the String Hall, the Grand Salon (only from the outside), the Green Room, the Throne Room, the Golden Living Room (only from the outside), the Red Room and the Bathroom (Bathroom of the Duchess)


Visits take place on Saturday and Sunday by reservation. Access is only possible with a guided tour.


At the end of the visit, take a look at the events at Alto ed Executive Restaurant in Fiorano Modenese: you can enjoy delicious dishes, with different recipes every evening, and the beautiful view from the Rooftop of the landscapes of Modena.