Why are all the best Italian engine companies in Emilia?

The automotive industry in Emilia Romagna has a great love story. Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati, Dallara are just some of the names that represent the tip of the iceberg of the tradition that ties the engine industry to this northern Italian land, where speed was born. These are stories of great passion, crystal-clear talent, immense tenacity, and perpetual enthusiasm that have given birth to some of the world’s most important and prestigious car manufacturers, many of them born from a garage or a rudimentary workshop in the post-war period, combining the desire for recovery and reconstruction with the granite courage of the people of Emilia.


In the Emilian territory of the motor valley, and particularly in Modena, there are numerous circuits, training centers, private collections, and exciting museums. To complete the experience, after a stay or a day spent in the motor valley, a moment of relaxation cannot be missing, and the Executive Spa Hotel rooftop seems tailor-made for these occasions. ARIA, is an elegant and convivial lounge on the hotel rooftop, where you can choose between classic aperitifs or trend cocktails, overlooking the charming hilly landscape of Fiorano Modenese, and end your Emilian experience in a truly special way.