The Enzo Ferrari Museum: the story of a legend

“When he said that the most beautiful car would be the next one, he wasn’t playing with commonplaces and he wasn’t indulging in a joke. He was sincere: he looked forward, without dwelling on his achievements. In the tenacity of an uninterrupted commitment, I see his most current lesson, valid for anyone and in any context: there’s always a new challenge to face, there’s always something to invent, design, produce. And there’s always a race to win.”

(From Enzo Ferrari – History and Glories of Modenese Automobilism)


The story of Enzo Ferrari begins in this house, at 85 Via Paolo Ferrari in Modena, the place where he was born and which has become a museum managed by Ferrari S.p.A. for some years now.

Enzo Ferrari was one of the greatest Italians of the 20th century and left an indelible mark on his time. Despite being known all over the world, Ferrari never forgot his roots, in fact, he always remembered them with great pride. A great lover of engines, he was the first to understand that the car could over time become a luxury item, if not even a work of art. In his foresight, he also had the gift of creativity: cars for Ferrari had to be a mix of power and style, speed and elegance.

Ferrari came from a family of farming culture but was always fascinated by technology and, with his unpretentious but pragmatic character, he was able to make his passion a timeless legend for the whole world.


The Enzo Ferrari Museum is open to the public every day without the obligation of a reservation.

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