The Lambrusco: What Dishes is it Best Paired With?

The Lambrusco is considered the quintessential Italian sparkling red wine. The Lambrusco family of grape vines is the most widespread in the Emilian countryside, from whose fragrant grapes a deeply pleasant and versatile wine is obtained, to the point of being the most exported in the world, that is paired with extreme ease with many traditional dishes, especially those of the Italian cuisine, at any meal and on any occasion.

Thanks to its low alcohol content, which can range from 7.5° to 12°, and its fresh and light taste, it is suitable for pairing with both first and second courses almost without distinction. As for pairing with first courses, a dry Lambrusco is best enjoyed when paired with fresh Emilian pasta dishes such as tagliatelle, tortelloni, agnolotti, cappelletti, and lasagna, rigorously seasoned with tasty ragù, pesto, or porcini mushroom sauces. The Emilian cuisine calls for this wine to accompany risottos and pasta in broth as well.

Continuing the taste of the Lambrusco, also accompanying it with second courses, as tradition dictates, a sparkling and decisive Lambrusco is best paired with red meat dishes. Veal fillet, horse and beef stews, cotechino, and zampone, but there are also pairings with roasted white meats and mixed boiled meats. For those who like to experiment, the Lambrusco can also be paired with fish dishes, mainly freshwater or raw with salads and vegetables. You can’t miss trying all these fantastic pairings at Exé Restaurant, where you can taste the traditional Emilian Lambrusco, in its birthplace, immersing yourself in a journey of flavors and tastes on the hills of Fiorano Modenese, capable of making you fall in love with Emilia, whether or not it is your home region.