The most beautiful squares in Modena

There are many squares in Modena and its surrounding towns that are worth visiting, but the ones that are certainly the largest and most characteristic are the following:

Piazza Martiri in Carpi: It is the third largest square in Italy, with over 500 years of history, precisely in 2012. It is characterized by the Castle of the Pio and the imposing Cathedral of Carpi, both overlooking it. Furthermore, as a testimony to its grandeur, you can admire a very long arcade, called the “Long Arcade” with 53 columns.

Chess Square in Castelvetro: This particular square is historically the symbol of power of the Rangoni family, a noble consort of Guelph, originally from Modena in the twelfth century. It has long been the central hub of the town, a place of assiduous celebrations wanted by the noble family to ingratiate nobles and citizens. It is therefore the jewel of Castelvetro di Modena. On it overlooks the Regional Wine Cellar, the Clock Tower and one of the most beautiful and panoramic terraces of the Modena area.

Piazza Grande in Modena: The only square in Modena that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first reason is that the Cathedral of Modena and the Ghirlandina overlook it, both already UNESCO heritage, but also the Town Hall, rich in art and history. In addition to these incredible Modena riches that in fact belong to it, it is also one of the oldest squares in Italy. Under it there was once a Roman necropolis.

Piazza Giovanni Paolo II in Fiorano Modenese: In this square, dominating the Fiorano hill, stands the magnificent and imposing Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Castle, an example of Baroque architecture, in the place where the ancient castle stood, near the historic village. It is the symbol of the town and a visual reference for those coming from the plain. A tradition of pilgrimages has developed over time around the Sanctuary, with the central focus being the Festival of September 8th, the town’s historical patronal festival. In front of the Sanctuary opens the square dedicated to John Paul II.

Once you have visited one or more of these wonderful squares in the province of Modena, each with its historical and artistic features, what better gift than to take a short break in one of the most sought after spas in the Modena area, oasis of relaxation for moments of well-being: that of Executive Spa on the hill of Fiorano Modenese.