What to see in Emilia Romagna

Are you planning a visit to Emilia Romagna? Here are 5 places you absolutely cannot miss:


Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara

Built by Biagio Rossetti for Sigismondo D’Este in 1493, it takes its name from the over 8,500 marble blocks that make up its corbelling and give it a unique and original shape.


Modena Cathedral

Built in 1099, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It holds the relics of Saint Geminian and is the ultimate expression of Romanesque culture of the time. It stands out for its remarkable architectural purity, by the artist Lanfranco.


Santarcangelo di Romagna, Rimini

An elegant medieval village between Rimini and Cesena, Santarcangelo stands on a real mysterious and impressive underground city, made of caves, granaries, ice houses and ancient labyrinths.


Maranello, Modena

Maranello is synonymous with Ferrari. The city has hosted the most important car company in the world for 70 years, attracting more than 200,000 enthusiasts every year. Maranello has a history and culture that goes far beyond the world of cars: you can visit Renzo Piano’s Wind Gallery, the Mabic Library that collects more than 44,000 volumes, and the Castle, built around the year 1000 by a noble family from Marano.


Fontanellato Labyrinth, Parma

The Fontanellato Labyrinth, also known as La Masone, is the largest existing labyrinth in the world, made entirely of bamboo plants belonging to different species. Built by Franco Maria Ricci, publisher and designer, it opened its doors to the public in 2015 after six years of work.


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