Where are Ferraris born?

Have you ever been to where the most desired sports cars in the world are built? A place where technology and craftsmanship come together to create masterpieces of blazing speed and beauty. Ferrari, the world’s most famous Italian brand, has maintained the same charm for over 70 years since it was founded by the great Enzo Ferrari, although today the departments are ultra-modern and specialized workers use cutting-edge technologies to build the most desired sports cars in the world, with the work of craftsmen accompanied by that of robots.


Visiting the Maranello factories will be a continuous discovery. For example, did you know that Ferrari, since the founding of its factory, wanted there to be an internal foundry to produce the metal parts of the engines? Even now, this is how the legendary engines of the Prancing Horse are born, made entirely of aluminum, with the only exception of the crankshaft, inside the New Mechanics department.


If you are in the Modena area, a stop at the Enzo Ferrari Museum, divided between Modena and Maranello, will be almost mandatory. And after the visit to the museum, which will be a total immersion in the world of the Motor Valley, it will be time to relax. The right place to do this is the Executive spa hotel, on the hills of Fiorano Modenese, where to stop and sleep for a rich Modena stop full of special moments, or where to make a special stop at the hotel’s exclusive Spa, capable of welcoming you with the typical warmth that distinguishes Emilia Romagna, or simply to give a special thought to those who deserve to live experiences of luxury and elegance, in a Modena context.